Friday, September 16, 2011

Mirror Lake Cottage...

This blog is my journal about our life in our cottage close to the Jersey Shore. Last year my husband and I heard the whisper of the ocean calling us home when we visted New Jersey. My heart sings when I hear the wave’s pound against the shore, I love the feel of the sunshine on my face, the sand beneath my feet. I feel complete, satisfied and very content, I couldn't ask for anything more. The wind in my face, the sting of the water as it splashes me, the sounds of the birds as they fly above and my best friend is by my side, is this heaven? He too felt the pull of the ocean; it was speaking to him, wooing him with all its vast beauty and splendor. Adventure awaits us and as we begin this journey and go forth, we were never so sure of anything in our lives. Everything seems to be so perfect, so seductive about living here. All this cottage needed was for someone to love it and breathe a little life into it. We are trying to make this home comfortable for us and we want it to be enjoyed by our family and friends. Dreams do come true and ours did, life here is so easy, carefree and enjoyable. I hope you will stop by often as I share the things that I have changed in the cottage and show you places that I want to explore.

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